Interest Rates and Your Mortgage: What You Need to Know

interest rates

With the Federal Reserve keeping interest rates at or near zero, you may wonder about your mortgage. Is it a good time to refinance or even pay off the debt entirely? After all, your mortgage is one of the biggest expenses you may have in life, so why not rid yourself of that debt as soon as possible?1 Not so … Read More

Understanding Real Estate Taxes

How to Reduce Capital Gains Tax on Your Primary Residence Qualified homeowners can exclude from their taxable income up to $500,000 in capital gains using IRS Section 121 Exclusion. Qualifying for the Exclusion: Your home must be used as a primary residence for at least 24 months out of the last 60 months before you sell it (two out of … Read More

1031 Exchanges: The What, Why, When, & How

Real estate investors trying to defer taxes may want to explore like-kind exchanges. What exactly is a 1031 exchange? For some real estate investors, it may be a nice answer to a dilemma involving an income property. A properly executed 1031 exchange lets an investor sell one property and buy a similar one while deferring capital gains taxes. Also called … Read More