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We help advisors grow their business by providing qualified leads, leveraging technology and removing back office tasks.

With a proven track record for growth, learn how we can help your advisory business excel.

We'll help drive prospects through the funnel. Our marketing and business development team set your first appointments from hundreds of new, qualified prospects each year.
We invest in technology to create a better experience for you and your clients. Built for scale, ready to adapt.
Tech Stack
Streamline your day-to-day operations and reduce overhead. Our in-house resources include portfolio management, compliance, marketing, and operations support.
In-house resources

How Your Clients Benefit

Customized trading + rebalancing

Comprehensive financial + tax planning

Nobel-prize investment strategies

Low cost institutional funds

Fiduciary standard of care

Account aggregation in custom portal

Interactive retirement tools

Fee-only advice

A Proven Growth Model

Firm's Stats: 2019-2021
New Leads
Prospects Seen
New Clients
Growth of Assets Under Management

Your Opportunity Set

Annual Lead & Prospect Data Per Advisor: 2019-2021*

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*Averages are lower due to COVID-19

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Canter Wealth

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In-house Resources

Portfolio Management


Marketing + Web Design


Business Development

Transition Team

Human Resources

Accounting + Data Analytics

Leverage Canter Companies' Real Estate Expertise

Property Valuation
Improvement Analysis
Mortgage & Financing Analysis
Acquisition & Disposition Strategy
Tax Planning
Market Analysis
Optimizing Rental Rates
Property Management
Canter La Jolla
Ever Evolving Integrated Tech Stack

right capital advisors
lacerte tax advisors

Marketing Resources

Lead Generation

Content Creation

Web Development


Video Production

Event Coordination

Social Media Strategy

Digital Advertising

Tailored marketing campaigns, executed from start to finish, to deliver qualified leads

Retirement Classes
Canter Affiliate Network
Digital Lead Generation
Public Relations
Compass Preferred Partner
Forbes Finance Council

2019-2021 AUM Growth:
$21,915,191 - $211,587,445