Market Review 2021: A Recovery Amid Challenges

KEY TAKEAWAYS Stock markets continued to climb higher in 2021, with the S&P 500 hitting a series of all-time closing highs and ending the year near a record. While COVID-19 continued to dominate headlines, concerns also focused on inflation and its potential impact. Investors saw volatility in areas ranging from cryptocurrencies to so-called meme stocks, highlighting the importance of long-term … Read More

Q4, 2021 Stock Market Recap

q4 2021 stock recap

In this Q4 recap: U.S. economy confronts a new COVID-19 variant amid continuing inflation and supply chain bottlenecks. Europe institutes new social restrictions in response to a surge in Delta and Omicron variant infections. Investors turn cautious as uncertainties increase. The stock market kicked off the fourth quarter with a powerful rally in October and added to those gains into … Read More

Q3 Stock Market Recap

q3 2021 stock recap-100

In this Q3 recap: U.S. economic growth slows in the face of Delta variant headwind. Europe’s economic outlook remains positive. Stocks retreat from record highs; confront a bevy of challenges. Overcoming rising Delta variant infections, a slowing economic expansion, and growing inflation worries, stocks raced higher through the course of the first two months of the third quarter, propelled by … Read More

Q2 Stock Market Recap [2021]

q2 econ update

In this Q2 recap: U.S. economic growth strong as reopening widens. Europe’s recovery picks up steam; Stocks reach new record highs, face new interest rate and inflation landscape. The second quarter began by building on the first-quarter’s gains, with stretches of sideways trading and incremental increases that led to multiple record highs over the course of the three months. Encouraging … Read More

Q1 Stock Market Recap [2021]

q1 2021 stock recap

In this Q1 recap: U.S. economic growth gains traction as vaccination rollout picks up speed; Stocks higher, but questions about where they go from here linger. The first quarter started on a bumpy note as investors grappled with a slow national vaccination rollout, political uncertainty, and worries that the economic recovery may take longer than anticipated. Sentiment turned more positive, … Read More

Stock Market Review 2020: Looking Back on an Unprecedented Year

2020 stock review

The year 2020 proved to be one of the most tumultuous in modern history, marked by a number of developments that were historically unprecedented. But the year also demonstrated the resilience of people, institutions, and financial markets. The novel coronavirus was already in the news early in the year, and concerns grew as more countries began reporting their first cases … Read More

Q4 Stock Market Recap

q4 stock market report

In this Q4 recap: the appearance of two COVID-19 vaccines gives businesses and consumers hope and lifts stocks; U.S. lawmakers approve a second financial stimulus; European negotiators sign off on a post-Brexit trade deal. On Wall Street, the fourth quarter’s biggest development had everything to do with science and medicine. In November, news that two vaccines had been highly effective … Read More

November Market Report

november 2020 stock recap

In this month’s recap: Stock prices powered higher and energized investors thanks to a month-long succession of positive news events. U.S. Markets Stock prices powered higher and emboldened investors in November thanks to a series of positive news events. The Dow Jones Industrial Average, which has lagged much of the year, led the rally, jumping 11.84 percent. The Standard & … Read More

2020 Q3 Economic Update

q3 2020 stock update

In this Q3 recap: stocks post further 2020 gains as the economy bounces back and the Federal Reserve announces a shift in its approach to inflation. Q3 Market Recap The summer brought an economic rebound and a continuation of the stock market rally that began in spring. In late September, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta’s GDPNow tracker estimated real … Read More

The Cost of Trying To Time the Market

The impact of missing just a few of the market’s best days can be profound, as this look at a hypothetical investment in the stocks that make up the S&P 500 Index shows. Staying invested and focused on the long term helps to ensure that you’re in the position to capture what the market has to offer. A hypothetical $1,000 … Read More