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About Canter

Canter Wealth (CW) is a division of Canter Companies, pioneers in a financial services category that puts real estate and wealth management under one roof. An elegant idea that is surprisingly rare in execution.

The goal is simple; improve financial outcomes through a coordinated approach. The results? Integrated asset management, a unique client experience that places you at the center of integration.

Today, CW has revolutionized this idea beyond your finances and real estate investments. Our team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERSTM lead their planning with a focus on tax mitigation, how to avoid outliving your assets in retirement, leaving a lasting legacy, and protecting yourself against potential risks, including inflation.

We partner with CPAs, Estate Planning Attorneys, and other professionals to provide you with a holistic financial plan that's custom for you.

A Word About our Credentials...

When it comes to your financial health, our advisors make decisions that originate from your personal goals, not from commissions or sales quotas...

Traditional Way

Product Provider

Offers incentive for salesperson to pitch their products


Recommends investments pitched by product provider that may or may not increase


You end up with advice that's just suitable for your needs, but not necessarily in your best interest

Our Way


Your financial advisor starts with you and your goals

Financial Advisor

A Certified Financial PlannerTM provides recommendations that he or she believes are in your best interest

Investment Solutions

You end up with a dynamic financial plan and investment management solutions that improve your odds of success

Why We Do What We Do...

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Canter Wealth

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