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Partner of Canter Wealth, Babak Gahvari, is an official member of Forbes Finance Council. Read his recent contributions to Forbes below.
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how to save

Compound Interest & The Road To Retirement: How to Fund Your Future

Roughly 75% of Americans over the age of 40 are failing to keep up with saving for retirement, and close to one-third report that they have no retirement savings at all. With the future of Social Security somewhat unclear, preparing for retirement today is essential to funding your future.
market downturns

The Quantum State of Stock Market Returns

Investors want to know where stocks are going, and how quickly they’ll get there — why wouldn’t they? That’s the golden ticket. The road to El Dorado. Investing, Schrödinger’s cat and the wave function that describes the state of quantum particles are all governed by probabilities of outcomes. Accepting this simple truth is liberating and will allow you to improve your odds of success systematically. Here, I provide a guideline of how investors can attempt to put probabilities in their favor.
tax diversification

Tax Matters: How Tax Diversification Today Can Help Mitigate Tax Costs In Retirement

How you save now impacts the amount of money you pay Uncle Sam later. Babak Gahvari, Managing Director of Canter Wealth, shares why traditional tax saving strategies may not the be best in his latest Forbes article.
future of wealth management

Five Predictions On The Future Of Wealth Management

Evolution brings change, and the wealth management industry is certainly not an exception. Technology is empowering clients now more than ever, and the millennial generation is beginning to grow and mature financially. The business model of the future is changing.