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Partner of Canter Wealth, Babak Gahvari, is an official member of Forbes Finance Council. Read his recent contributions to Forbes below.

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  • Tax Matters: How Tax Diversification Today Can Help Mitigate Tax Costs In Retirement
    Where should you invest your money?

    Roth IRA
    Individual Accounts

    How you save now impacts the amount of money you pay Uncle Sam later. Babak Gahvari, Managing Director of Canter Wealth, shares why traditional tax saving strategies may not the be best in his latest Forbes article.
  • predictions on future of wealth management
    Five Predictions On The Future Of Wealth Management
    Evolution brings change, and the wealth management industry is certainly not an exception. Technology is empowering clients now more than ever, and the millennial generation is beginning to grow and mature financially. The business model of the future is changing.
  • forbes finance council babak gahvari
    Babak Gahvari: Forbes Finance Council
    Forbes Finance Council members are reshaping the financial services landscape. - Forbes