the state of social security How to Optimize Your Benefit & Protect Yourself from 4 Common Pitfalls WATCH WEBCAST ON-DEMAND WEBCAST | Available On-Demand The Uncertain Future of Social Security

There is mounting concern that Social Security will not be able to provide scheduled benefits past 2035.

Social Security expert, Dennis McRoberts, gives his two cents on the future of the program during a live Q&A. McRoberts will share what changes are needed to keep Social Security alive, along with important claiming strategies he’s learned over his thirty-two years working at the Social Security Administration (SSA).


"The average household leaves $110,000 on the table by choosing the wrong time to start collecting Social Security income."

The Retirement Solution Hiding in Plain Sight, 2019, Capital One

Learn the facts to help maximize your benefit.


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“Social Security now accounts for about one-third of all income annually received by U.S. retirees, amounting to $1 trillion in annual benefits.”

The Retirement Solution Hiding in Plain Sight, 2019, Capital One


Dennis McRoberts is the principal of McRoberts Consulting. Dennis graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in Business Administration. He worked for the Social Security Administration in California for 32 years, where he interviewed applicants to determine eligibility for various SS and SSI programs. Dennis reviewed complex resource and income issues for regulation compliance and also was a mentor to new staff members.

Dennis is a speaker for SS and SSI Disability Seminars for The Arc of San Diego and the Special Needs Trust Foundation of San Diego. In addition he has been a speaker for the Scripps Health Foundation, and the Professional Fiduciary Association of California (PFAC).

Since 2012 Dennis has regularly assisted attorneys, accountants and professional fiduciaries as well as private individuals and family groups in matters concerning SS and SSI applications and issues, including issues relating to the problem areas of Overpayment, Applications and Appeals.



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