Canter Wealth was born out of the need for integration within the wealth management industry. Your financial story has many moving parts, what matters most is that they all work together on the same mission: to help you achieve your life goals.

Where to Start...

When it comes to your financial health, our advisors make decisions that originate from your personal goals, not from commissions or sales quotas...
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let's break this down...

We started with two simple questions...

1) What is wrong with the wealth management industry?
2) How can Canter Wealth be a solution?

When seeking a financial advisor, there are a few key ideas that are incredibly important, and that we think you should know...


Fiduciary Duty

Do you receive financial advice under a fiduciary umbrella or the suitability standard? We believe knowing the difference can make all the difference! Fiduciary duty refers to the legal obligation of one party to act solely in the best interest of another party. It is the highest standard of care to which we can be held, under federal law. The suitability standard…well, not so much.

fee only advisors

Fee-Only Advice

The financial services industry is plagued with conflicts of interest. How an advisor is compensated is at the top of the list. We don't sell products or accept any commissions. If a third-party entity is paying your advisor to sell you a product, does your advisor really work for you?

certified financial planner

Board Certified Financial Planners

If you need financial planning help, our advice is to hire a financial planner. The rigorous coursework needed to earn and maintain the CFP ® credential illustrates a commitment to the understanding of comprehensive financial planning techniques. Fancy titles sound great but what does that actually mean to you?

A View of Our Desk

Investments create taxes, assets lead to estate plans, and real estate influences all of the above. The question we ask is, shouldn’t all the aspects of someone’s financial health be integrated?

The outcome of our approach is clear – integrated efficiencies can lead to lower investment costs, reduced tax burdens, and increased peace of mind. If your financial professionals are not integrated, shouldn’t you ask yourself why?


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