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Andrew Canter


Meet The Canter Companies CEO Pioneering A New Financial Services Category

Andrew Canter is a multifaceted entrepreneur whose work is focused on creating an integrated asset management experience for investors. Always thinking outside the box, Canter is at the forefront of innovation in the financial services industries.

Canter began his career in the investment world. At age 18, Wells Fargo underwrote his education and prompted him to get a securities license to become a private banker. During this time, Canter saw an opportunity to invest in real estate. He partnered with investors to buy, fix and resell over 2,000 homes across California. This was the start of Canter Development.

As new opportunities progressed, flipping houses gradually turned into urban infill development projects. Today, Canter Development has invested millions in real estate projects in California and Montana.

Realizing the need to diversify, Canter utilized the volume of his real estate transactions as a catalyst to expand into other verticals. Canter Companies was born, what would become a vertically integrated corporation which handles everything from development, real estate, wealth management and private equity.

In 2009, Andrew founded Canter Brokerage, which grew to be one of the largest local brokerages in San Diego.1 After growing his team to over a hundred agents, Canter Brokerage joined forces with Compass, the #1 brokerage in the nation.2

Currently under Compass, Canter Real Estate Group remains a top local producer based on sales volume and transactions. Canter Group is ranked #17 out of all teams in California and represents the top 1 percent of all real estate professionals in the nation. 3

Huffington Post acknowledged Canter for “creating a new field of financial planning protecting real estate owners from market downturns.” In 2008 many of the most recent generations of investors discovered a harsh reality: real estate is an investment and is subject to highs and lows like most other investments. As such, investors need to develop a plan to see how real estate can be used as a tool to help meet long term goals. This marked the start of Canter Wealth, one of the fastest-growing Registered Investment Advisors in the nation.1 

Canter is a noteworthy leader and entrepreneur. Businesses often seek  his expertise for strategic planning and capital funding. He currently sits on the board for HouseCall, Case Escrow, Iconic Property Management, Talos Pest Control, Scout Distribution and Harland Brewing. Canter partners with investors to source various opportunities in private equity, incubation funding, and angel investing.

During his free time, Canter enjoys finding new ways to learn. In 2022, he earned his wings officially becoming a licensed private pilot. A lover of the outdoors, Andrew is a certified scuba diver and loves skiing with his family in Vail.