a closer look at our process

Our financial planning process is designed to discover your goals and evolve with your life changes.


The discovery phase of our process starts and ends with you. Our tailored financial assessment is typically a two-meeting process with a focus on your goals, concerns, needs, and wants. In the initial planning meetings, our team provides a complimentary check-up of where you are today and how to connect the dots to get you to your future.

We will cover a wide variety of areas, based on your specific needs. However in general, we will address the following items at a minimum: cash flow and savings planning, tax mitigation strategies, retirement planning techniques, social security and pension planning, investment strategy, real estate analysis, risk management approach, and estate/trust planning goals.

Once we deliver the financial assessment, both parties can make a well-informed decision on how best to move forward. Our goal is to educate the public with comprehensive information free from conflicts of interest.


Once our initial assessment is complete, designing a unique blueprint for your financial future is the next step. Our goal during this process is to prepare a comprehensive dashboard that coordinates the various moving parts of your financial profile.

This consolidated view allows us to execute an efficiently engineered financial plan for our clients. Our integrated approach will focus on increasing household efficiencies, reducing unnecessary tax burdens, minimizing duplication of fees, and most importantly, increasing peace of mind.


A well-designed financial plan is only as good as its execution. A major component of our process is focusing on a dynamic planning strategy engineered to be forward-looking. As our client’s lives and the financial landscape around them evolves, so do our planning techniques.

To deploy a streamlined experience, our team looks to leverage cutting-edge financial technology to provide a seamless relationship between our clients and their advisors. As with all strong relationships, communication is key. Instead of simply meeting annually, we encourage regular communication, multiple meetings, and our clients leveraging our expertise and resources, as needed.