How Long Will My Retirement Savings Last?

how long will my retirement savings last

As a Financial Planner focused on retirees, this is one question I hear all the time. It’s of course reasonable that individuals who are starting to think about retirement are concerned about their money lasting. The question comes in numerous variations, but they all mean roughly the same thing: Do I have enough money saved to retire? How much money … Read More

Are You Ready for the Second Act of the S.E.C.U.R.E. Act?

secure act

Some potential benefits of the Securing a Strong Retirement Act. Recently, you may have seen headlines regarding the Securing a Strong Retirement Act, also referred to as the second version of the SECURE Act, or SECURE Act 2.0. As the bill moves from the House of Representatives to the Senate, many hopeful investors are anticipating further retirement support as the … Read More

When to Claim Social Security

A few things you may want to think about before filing for benefits. Determining when to take Social Security benefits is a complicated financial decision. Here are a few things to think about and discuss with your financial professional. How long do you think you will live? If you have a family history that suggests you might live into your … Read More