Should You Chase Dividend Stocks to Combat Inflation and Rate Hikes?

KEY TAKEAWAYS With inflation at its highest level in decades and the US Federal Reserve raising interest rates, investors may be wondering whether they should devote more of their portfolios to dividend-paying stocks. There’s no strong evidence that dividend stocks have delivered superior inflation-adjusted performance during periods of high inflation or rising interest rates. Investors can put themselves in a … Read More

How Long Will My Retirement Savings Last?

how long will my retirement savings last

As a Financial Planner focused on retirees, this is one question I hear all the time. It’s of course reasonable that individuals who are starting to think about retirement are concerned about their money lasting. The question comes in numerous variations, but they all mean roughly the same thing: Do I have enough money saved to retire? How much money … Read More

Do Market Downturns Lead to Down Years?

do market downturns lead to down years

Stock market declines over a few days or months may lead investors to anticipate a down year. But the US stock market had positive returns in 17 of the past 20 calendar years, despite some notable dips in many of those years. • Intra-year declines for the index ranged from 3% to 49%.• Many years with large intra-year declines saw … Read More

Is It Time to Sell Stocks?

is it time to sell stocks

After touching record highs in early January, US stocks1 have slumped, and investors have been confronted with worrisome headlines2 in the financial press: “Inflation Hits Fastest Clip Since ’82” —Gwynn Guilford, Wall Street Journal, January 13, 2022 “Economists Cut Back Growth Forecasts as Threats Pile Up” —Harriett Torry and Anthony DeBarros, Wall Street Journal, January 18, 2022 “Giant Stock Swings … Read More

Market Review 2021: A Recovery Amid Challenges

KEY TAKEAWAYS Stock markets continued to climb higher in 2021, with the S&P 500 hitting a series of all-time closing highs and ending the year near a record. While COVID-19 continued to dominate headlines, concerns also focused on inflation and its potential impact. Investors saw volatility in areas ranging from cryptocurrencies to so-called meme stocks, highlighting the importance of long-term … Read More

Tales from the Crypto: How to Think About Bitcoin

bitcoin investing

“Everything you don’t understand about money combined with everything you don’t understand about computers.”—HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, March 11, 2018 Bitcoin and related cryptocurrencies (now numbering in the thousands) are the subject of much debate and fascination. Given bitcoin’s dramatic price changes, it is not surprising that many are speculating about its possible role in a portfolio. … Read More

Q4, 2021 Stock Market Recap

q4 2021 stock recap

In this Q4 recap: U.S. economy confronts a new COVID-19 variant amid continuing inflation and supply chain bottlenecks. Europe institutes new social restrictions in response to a surge in Delta and Omicron variant infections. Investors turn cautious as uncertainties increase. The stock market kicked off the fourth quarter with a powerful rally in October and added to those gains into … Read More

Q3 Stock Market Recap

q3 2021 stock recap-100

In this Q3 recap: U.S. economic growth slows in the face of Delta variant headwind. Europe’s economic outlook remains positive. Stocks retreat from record highs; confront a bevy of challenges. Overcoming rising Delta variant infections, a slowing economic expansion, and growing inflation worries, stocks raced higher through the course of the first two months of the third quarter, propelled by … Read More

Q2 Stock Market Recap [2021]

q2 econ update

In this Q2 recap: U.S. economic growth strong as reopening widens. Europe’s recovery picks up steam; Stocks reach new record highs, face new interest rate and inflation landscape. The second quarter began by building on the first-quarter’s gains, with stretches of sideways trading and incremental increases that led to multiple record highs over the course of the three months. Encouraging … Read More

Are You Ready for the Second Act of the S.E.C.U.R.E. Act?

secure act

Some potential benefits of the Securing a Strong Retirement Act. Recently, you may have seen headlines regarding the Securing a Strong Retirement Act, also referred to as the second version of the SECURE Act, or SECURE Act 2.0. As the bill moves from the House of Representatives to the Senate, many hopeful investors are anticipating further retirement support as the … Read More